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  • layers — A term used in connection with insurance or reinsurance policies on larger risks or classes of risks whereby the risk or class is placed in sections (layers). A different mix of insurers will probably have insured each layer. Practical Law… …   Law dictionary

  • layers — lay·er || leɪə(r) n. thickness of some material that covers a surface; stratum, covering, bed; person or thing that lays; egg laying chicken; twig which is induced to root while still attached to the parent plant (Gardening) v. induce a twig… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Layers (digital image editing) — Layers are used in digital image editing to separate different elements of an image. A layer can be compared to a transparency on which imaging effects or images are applied and placed over or under an image. Adobe Photoshop has had layers since… …   Wikipedia

  • Layers of Lies — Infobox Album | Name = Layers of Lies Type = studio Artist = Darkane Released = 2005 Recorded = Genre = Thrash metal Length = Label = Nuclear Blast Producer = Reviews = * Allmusic Rating|3.5|5 [… …   Wikipedia

  • layers of cerebral cortex — six anatomical divisions of the cerebral cortex (specifically, the isocortex), distinguished according to the types of cells and fibers they contain. Numbered from the surface inward, they are: I, molecular layer (lamina molecularis); II,… …   Medical dictionary

  • layers of superior colliculus — the seven layers forming the superior colliculus, from outer to inner being the stratum zonale (Layer I), stratum griseum superficiale (Layer II), stratum opticum (Layer III), stratum griseum intermedium (Layer IV), stratum medullare intermedium… …   Medical dictionary

  • layers — 1) slayer 2) relays …   Anagrams dictionary

  • deep layers of cervical fascia — layers of deep cervical fascia the three internal layers of cervical fascia (investing, pretracheal, and prevertebral) and the carotid sheath, considered as one unit …   Medical dictionary

  • Layers (Architekturmuster) — Aufrufschema in einer Schichtenarchitektur Eine Schichtenarchitektur oder Schichtenmodell ist ein häufig angewandtes Strukturierungsprinzip für die Architektur von Softwaresystemen. Dabei werden einzelne Aspekte des Softwaresystems konzeptionell… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • layers of Ammon's horn — strata hippocampi …   Medical dictionary

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